What good is power without freedom? How useful is the most powerful security if it keeps you bogged down with hassles and restrictions? Are all these measures really needed? Am I really a target?

As consumers, as company workers, as general computer users, we do what we want to do on the internet. We go and operate where we want to conduct our business, on our own terms, in the manner that we’re most comfortable doing it.

Breaches are in the news, not at my doorstep. I believe I’m doing enough.

Your cybersecurity overconfidence: Hackers count on it. Your customers are at risk because of it.

Threats evolve faster than you realize

What is your expertise? How much time do you really spend focused on related, but non-primary matters to your business? If you’re a CPA, you make sure to serve your clients with expert knowledge on up to date tax codes, finance laws, and all known allowed deductions. That’s your pure focus. You don’t attempt to repair a blown electrical socket or work on the A/C unit in your office. You let an expert in those fields take care of those temporary glitches in your operations and productivity.

But what if there were malignant forces whose singular focus was on disrupting your business? What can you do if their full time job was in stealing your customer’s personal data and wrecking your hard earned reputation?

A hacker’s efforts aren’t random events that come and go. They don’t target you only at the office. They don’t rely on static strategies. Have your defenses kept up with this multi-pronged attack?

Learning defenses that follow you

Conventional defenses such as an office firewall that keeps out unwanted internet traffic or legacy antivirus software can be blindsided by the innovative approaches hackers employ today.

  • It isn’t just about breaking through your front (internet) door, hackers have devised ways of tricking you into letting them in.

  • It isn’t about having pre-programmed software countering malicious files that make their way in. File signatures can change and evolve instantly.

  • It isn’t about static work locations, your employees expect to operate outside the protected confines of their office network.

These are seemingly incompatible goals. How can I be fully protected outside my office network, with a system that “keeps up” with hackers whose full focus and business is to steal my data?

Talk to a vendor specialized in protecting your computer, your endpoint, and all your company’s endpoints. It’s not a matter anymore of hackers trying to breach one entry point into your company and then getting at a central repository of information. At this point, every single computer that either stores or accesses sensitive data is your company’s weakest point.

Extending that logic, every single employee is now a potential vector of infiltration, with savvy hackers employing “soft” manipulation skills and techniques within email messaging that drop our defenses.

Core Armor Methods

When considering a Cybersecurity vendor, don’t be swayed or confused by technical jargon and nonsensical terminology. Rely on your common sense beliefs and question if the vendor has core understanding and methods:

  • Your operations aren’t entrenched, they’re mobile, with employees accessing networks in places you can’t control. Does the solution account for full protection for the network as well as each endpoint?

  • Your employees are sometimes connected, sometimes not. Where does the protection come from, how is it updated? How deep and responsive are the intelligence resources?

  • Do these protections operate at the speed of a hack? Just as viruses explode across the internet, do the solutions spread like wildfire as well?

  • Are potential malicious files allowed to penetrate systems? Are they allowed to detonate their attack? What sort of smart analysis takes place at each stage (detection, quarantine) to understand the threat, protect your systems, and maintain your operations?

  • Do these security solutions get in the way of your day? When you’re running a race, how many obstacles must you jump over, pivot around, dodge and weave by… before things just get too bothersome to accomplish your fundamental goal/s?

At Endpoint Armor, we think deeply about these issues and deploy an envelope of protection around each computer that addresses today’s dynamic workforce with absolute best in class protection technologies. We can create a solution that’s right for just you and your company, and dive in to discuss each individual critical component of protection, or in terms that speak to solving your problems.

Consider your beliefs. Come learn about ours, and our methods to keep your company secure.

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