The MPLS Killer: Security Defined SD-WAN

Company Profile: 

A leading engineering and construction company with locations throughout the Western US.


  • Expensive and antiquated MPLS network causing network performance and management challenges; ineffective for smaller remote sites and unable to route internet traffic locally
  • Lack of network security and visibility of site to site traffic; inability for centralized security policy management for all locations and remote users



Deployed EndPoint Armor’s Security Defined SD-WAN managed service to all locations


VeloCloud SD-WAN edge devices with embedded Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls on a single device

Panorama Management:  Unparalleled visibility and policy enforcement with simplified central management and log aggregation of all Palo Alto Networks firewall devices

Supports up to 4 redundant connections per device including LTE

Replaced antiquated branch routers

Fully integrated with EndPoint Armor’s 24×7 ongoing support & management

Includes all necessary hardware, subscription licensing and support costs in one cost-effective monthly expense.



  • Ability to retire expensive MPLS contract and leverage multiple carriers to significantly cut month connectivity costs while building redundancy for critical sites.
  • Simplified network architecture and increased performance with uncompromised visibility
  • Centralized security policy management for all sites and remote users
  • Fully meshed network connectivity with zero-touch configuration, QOS, packet steering, etc.
  • Uncompromised network security and visibility with the Palo Alto Networks security operating platform