Endpoint Ground Zero: Multi-Method Malware and Ransomeware Prevention

Company Profile: 

Rapidly growing specialty pharmaceutical company headquartered in Southern California


  • Prevent continuous malware and ransomware threats against company’s endpoints and network hosts.
  • Legacy Anti-Virus ineffective against unknown threats and exploits while also creating network latency with VDI environment.
  • Unsupported and un-patchable operating systems running legacy medical applications creating vulnerabilities with Windows and Linux server environment.



Deployed EndPoint Armor’s Advanced EndPoint Protection managed service, powered by Palo Alto Networks Traps


Minimize endpoint infections by blocking malware, exploits and ransomware with multi-method prevention: WildFire threat intelligence, local analysis via machine learning, pre-exploit and technique-based exploit protection

Replaced legacy and ineffective AV

Fully integrated with EndPoint Armor’s 24×7 ongoing support & management

Includes all necessary subscription licensing and support costs in one cost-effective monthly subscription expense.



  • Stopped 100% of ransomware samples tested on multiple endpoints and operating systems during proof of concept
  • Traps multi-method prevention techniques blocks known/unknown malware and exploits while delivering consistent protection for legacy Windows and Linux servers
  • Replacing ineffective legacy AV with the lightweight Traps agent created noticeable performance increases with VDI devices; zero signatures or DAT files
  • Lower TCO: EndPoint Armor’s 24×7 ongoing support and management provides agent upgrades, profile & policy maintenance, consulting and problem resolution for IT team.